Travel Blogs: Journey to Lithuania and Poland July 15-26, 2019

Holocaust education efforts in the United States often memorialize the loss of life, inspire us with remarkable stories of survival and resistance, and document the perpetration of genocide across Europe.  Less attention is paid to understanding Jewish life and culture in Europe prior to the Holocaust, and its adapted continuation in places like the greater Hartford region. By providing fellowship support for educators to join this experiential learning trip, the Jewish Hartford European Roots project aims to ensure this rich legacy is included in Connecticut Holocaust education efforts.

Made possible by the generous support of the Konover Coppa Fund, the following received educator fellowships (please link to their travel blogs below):

Kimberly Ballaro, Director, Holocaust Education Resource and Outreach Center, Voices of Hope

Alan Berkowitz, Holocaust and Genocide Education Consultant

Crista Penrose, Social Studies Teacher, RHAM High School

Rachel Torres, Social Studies Teacher, Newtown High School

The Jewish Hartford European Roots project of the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center is administered in partnership with the University of Hartford’s Greenberg Center, the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, Trinity College, UConn’s Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life, Voices of Hope, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford.

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