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Blog Post: From Generation to Generation by Rachel Torres

Torres JHER blog piece

Rachel Torres is a resident of Newtown, CT and High School History Teacher at Newtown High School. In 2019 she participated in the European Roots to Poland and Lithuania with Dr. Sam Kassow. This is how it started:

"In October 2018, a student of mine who is Jewish became a target of an antisemitic remark by one of his peers, during a lesson in which I was being observed by my Department Chair and Assistant Principal. Quickly I found myself becoming an advocate for this student and asking the question, 'Why is this happening and what can I do to prevent this from reoccurring?' As a Puerto Rican woman in a predominantly white town and school district, I couldn’t not take action."

Are you curious to know how Rachel Torres' journey unfolded? Then read her whole piece on the [blog of the Museum of Jewish Heritage NY]!